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Press Pause!

17 Feb

Today we took Baby E to have his 6-month photos done at Kachoo Kids, which is an awesome little photo studio on Woodruff Road in Greenville. Rachael, the owner/photographer, did a great job and made the session really fun. And Baby E did a great job sitting and posing and laughing. I can’t wait to see the proofs next week. I’ll be sure to post pics when I have them.

On the ride home, D and I were talking about how proud we were of Baby E’s big boy behavior. D was afraid he’d have a meltdown and scream the whole time. I had a little more faith, but was still pleasantly surprised by E’s chipper demeanor for the better part of the hour session.

Really, Baby E has been quite chipper for the past week or two. Six months has turned out to be a pretty good age for him. His motor skills are improving every day and he is getting good at sitting by himself. Rolling, on the other hand, is apparently for suckers. Baby E wants nothing to do with lying down – he needs to be up with the grown folks and in the thick of things. He’s matured quite a bit and is happy playing for longer stretches now that he has the hang of sitting up. (In related news, if you see me out, I might actually have makeup on now.) And after previously being inseparable from me, he’s now becoming very fond of his Daddy, who is apparently freaking hilarious for no reason I can determine. But believe me, he is. Baby E is quite vocal about it and squeals with delight at most anything D does.

The boy is still curious as ever and spends plenty of time staring at people and trying to figure out new situations. This has been emphasized recently by a cock of the head when he’s trying to figure something out, which I adore. His fascination with electronics has begun and he goes after any phone, computer or remote he can see. He LOVES the dog, talking to her and grabbing her at every opportunity. Fortunately, Fluff-dog is pretty tolerant of this. E still loves taking walks and cuddling and his sleep schedule still sucks, but we’re working on that. I love watching him learn all of the neat things his body can do as he twists and turns and reaches and grabs and jumps and screeches and squeals. I know it won’t be much longer before he figures out how to scoot and crawl…

Intently watching dogs at Falls Park.

Those dogs were seriously interesting.

Being the silly baby that I love.

I just love this sitting-but-not-yet-crawling stage, and I know it’s not going to last for long. I have the distinct feeling that I’m going to have a hellion on my hands once Baby E achieves mobility, and I’m just not ready to give up the sitting and cuddling quite yet. Can we press pause now?


We like to jump!

8 Jan

Baby E is LOVING his jumparoo. So I decided to have some fun with iMovie. Enjoy! 🙂

Ezra’s Bedtime Story

24 Dec

Baby E has a pretty regular bedtime routine that we follow every night: bath (if it’s bath night), put on our jammies, play alone in the crib for a few minutes, read Brown Bear, bottle, then nurse to sleep.

Now since we’ve reached 4 months, nursing has become much more….lively. Or dangerous. Depends which side you’re on. Baby E likes to grunt loudly, kick and flail his arms, slap me about the face, rip my lip off, dig his baby fingernails into my neck skin, and if he’s feeling really spunky, try to scratch mommy’s cornea out. Fortunately, his night time feedings are a little more subdued, due in part to him being partially swaddled.

However, the night before last, Baby E gave me an extra special treat. All through his bedtime nursing he kept unlatching and whipping his head around to look at me. My first thought? Great – this kid is wired and is gonna be up all night.

But then he started talking to me. Not in his usual, loud, boisterous daytime talk, but in soft, sweet, breathy little coos – like he was telling me a secret or my own little private bedtime story. For about ten minutes, I got to sit there, holding his hand while he gazed into my eyes by the glow of the nightlight. Eventually, his eyes became heavy, his coos became softer, and he fell asleep while telling me his little bedtime story.

He slept there on my lap for a few minutes, then woke and was a bit restless. I moved him from my lap to my shoulder where he nuzzled in and drifted right back to sleep. He so seldom stays up on my shoulder anymore, and I had forgotten how wonderful it feels to have him warm against my chest, to feel him breathing softly, to smell the back of his neck, to stroke my cheek against the silky hair on the top of his head.

A bedtime so sweet makes the occasionally scratched cornea seem like a small price to pay.