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Skip the high chair

5 Apr

Now that Baby E is in the groove of eating big fat mushy meals a couple of times a day, we’ve decided to be adventurous and go out for dinner a couple of times. Doing this made me realize that my baby really likes to dine al fresco and people watch while scarfing down sweet potatoes and sipping water from a shot glass (seriously – it’s the perfect size for baby mouths).


The other thing it made me realize is how much I love our Fisher Price booster seat. We use it in lieu of a high chair at home and it works great. E is comfortable, it’s easy to clean, and it straps in well to our bar stools. But I especially love how well it travels. I was able to easily take it along to restaurants, strap it onto different chairs, and avoid the germiness of restaurant high chairs (really, I’ve worked in restaurants and those things never get more than wiped down with a dirty rag).



I am now so thankful that we didn’t waste our money on a big high chair. I can’t imagine I would be happier with one, and I know we don’t have the room for it. The only flaw I’ve found is that E can pull the removable top of the tray off, but that hasn’t caused too many problems thus far. I’ll probably just remove it when he starts eating finger food. All in all, it was an excellent buy.