2012 Resolutions

1 Jan

I love new year’s resolutions. Sometimes I actually even keep them. For the past several years, I’ve made the habit of taking some quiet time on New Year’s Eve, reflecting on the past year and writing down my goals for the coming year. Aside from the ubiquitous weight loss resolutions, in the past I’ve set a lot of personal improvement goals ranging from taking art and creative writing classes to buying a home and trying for a baby. In the past, this has been a private ritual, but this year, I decided to make it a little bigger.

Growing up, we never had many family traditions, and I was always jealous of families that had cute little activities to mark holidays, birthdays, or other days of significance. Now that Baby E is in the picture, I want to start setting some fun traditions of our own. So for New Year’s, I suggested to The Hubs that we start doing family resolutions.  On NYE, The Hubs, Miss A (my step daughter who is visiting from Colorado) and I all wrote down a list of resolutions, placed them in an envelope and sealed them up. Next year, we’ll open them, read them aloud, and the person who accomplished the most, by percentage attained, wins a prize. I’m thinking maybe some kind of ridiculous crown and the winner gets to be King or Queen of the New Year and we’ll come up with some privileges that go along with the title…

If it all works the way I hope it will, this little tradition will allow us to share and set goals, hold each other accountable, and get a fun little peek into the minds of the kiddos on a yearly basis. I mean, when you ask a three-year-old what they hope to do in the next year, it’s bound to be funny, right? Of course, we’ll keep them over the years, so I’ll have something to embarrass Baby E with when he’s a teenager and Miss A when she gets married.

So here’s to a fun and productive 2012! Time to get crackin’ – I want that crown!


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