Things I miss about newborn Baby E

10 Dec

Today Baby E turned four months old, and I have to say, he has grown into quite the little person. There’s so much that I adore about this age – the huge smiles, our conversations, and the fact that I now usually know what’s wrong when he’s crying. Yes, good times indeed.

But there are so many things that I miss about newborn Baby E. The first few weeks of his life I was one weepy, sentimental momma. Now, this is the opposite of my normal temperament, and it really made an impact. Freaked The Hubs out, too. Especially that time when he was singing Puff the Magic Dragon and I burst into tears at the part where little Jimmy grows up. Ah, postpartum hormones…

I would sit there for hours gazing at the precious babe, trying to record every detail in my memory because I was terrified that I would forget all the little details of his newborn existence. In honor of Baby E’s transition into a little dude, here are the top things I miss about him as a newborn:

  • The Rooting Reflex. The bobbing and swooshing of his tiny head was just the sweetest. Now he attacks with focus and determination.
  • Frankenstein Arms. This one was great! He would wake from a dead sleep, eyes popping wide open and arms shooting straight out in front a la Frankenstein. Made me laugh every time!
  • Tininess. I miss how I could fit his whole body on my chest with his head right under my neck, all cuddly and warm. He’s still cuddly and warm, he just doesn’t fit into that nook quite as well.
  • Bird Face. He used to do this little puckered open lip face all the time. We thought it made him look like a baby bird. I miss that face.

    Little Bird Face, how I miss you.

While I miss all of those little newborn quirks, they’ve been replaced with countless other endearing faces, sounds and movements. Here’s hoping the next four months don’t shoot by quite so quickly.


2 Responses to “Things I miss about newborn Baby E”

  1. K December 13, 2011 at 7:05 PM #

    In Canada, they send you this little pamphlet from the Health Whosits, and it has this list of things, written in the first person, with little hearts for bullet points, to tell you what to do with the baby. ” I am very little, so sometimes I may need to eat at night”…..etc. I got to #2: “‘You are my first friend…” ‘(I don’t know what it even says after that) – before I started crying. And then kept crying about it every time I thought of it. I didn’t cry watching Schindler’s List, okay?
    Newborn babies are cute, Probably more so if you can send them home with someone else for the night. Don’t get too smushy about it, or you’ll end up like me, with another one on the way. I should have waited until Mr. Baby started walking. It would have made me think twice. And more thoroughly.

    • indecisivemomma December 13, 2011 at 11:28 PM #

      I can see how that might happen. I never thought I’d want more than one, but I’ve caught myself thinking that I’ll need another once this one is no longer a squiggly baby. No one warned me that motherhood would be a slippery slope. Thanks for the advice – I imagine baby mobility changes everything. Hopefully Mr. Baby is taking it easy on you in your delicate state!

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