Why does this not exist?

9 Dec

One of the most frustrating parts of being a new parent is figuring out what gear you need. I literally spent months researching and reading Amazon reviews to decide which bouncy seat and humidifier I wanted. And how, exactly, are you supposed to choose, say, a breast pump, when you have absolutely no experience with such a contraption?

I mean, it's stylish, but does it work??

Sure, there are a ton of registry checklists out there, and people are more than happy to give you advice. But the whole time I was making my registry I kept thinking, “I wish I could just try this stuff out.”

So why doesn’t some place like that exist? A baby demo store, where, for a set fee ($25-$50?) you can go in and try on to your heart’s content just seems like a great idea. It could carry the most common models of the main baby items, and each display would have product info, pricing, pros and cons. And since the store isn’t selling the items, the info would be impartial. Just think about it! You could run that jogging stroller around a little track to see if you’ll bang your shins against it. Or put that big ol’ rear-facing car seat in your compact car to see if it will actually fit. Or bring your screaming, colicky baby in to see if that $300 swing can bring you any peace.

And then, when you find the products you love, you can scan them to a list or maybe have them go straight to an Amazon registry. And maybe it could be tied in with a consignment store where you could buy the demo brands gently used. I don’t know – lots of possibilities. Just seems like something like this should exist!


One Response to “Why does this not exist?”

  1. Rachael January 3, 2012 at 4:18 PM #

    Ok. I am on board with opening this store with you. This is a brilliant idea.

    Plus, we’ll get to test stuff we might want our own selves. LOL

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