Better late than never?

6 Dec

I’ve been meaning to start this blog for months now. Actually, almost four months – ever since the cloud of birth hormones lifted and I was able to put together a coherent idea without bursting onto tears (and since my nipples healed – it is nearly impossible to write complete sentences with mangled, bleeding nipples).

Once I got past that, what stopped me? Why, I couldn’t decide on a name for the damned thing. I wanted something cute and funny and perfect, maybe something that would lend a theme to all of my posts. This is an unfortunate pattern I tend to follow – I so want my little projects to be “perfect” and I often get stuck before I really even start. I’m trying to work on that…

So, I landed on Indecisive Momma because that’s what I am. Not so cute or funny or thematic, but true. Now maybe I can get on with it!


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